Websites need maintenance too!

Ensure your site is working at its best so your customers are given the experience they deserve, select which of our WordPress maintenance packages suit you best.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a care package?

Our care packages are carefully designed plans aimed at maintaining your website to be performing at its optimum level whilst allowing you to run your business.

Can I do this myself?

Of course this is possible but websites can be temprimental things. Like any computer software they can easily be broken and the last thing you need is for your digital shop window to be closed!

How do I know which poackage to choose?

Simple! Send us the details of your website and we will recommend which package will suit you best. It does not make sense to have the gold package for a coffee shop website nor does it make sense to have the silver package for an e commerce website.

If I buy the website from you is this not included?

Every care and attention is given to all of our websites when they are created but software is an ever developing thing. Think of it as you do your mobile phone updates. When you get a notification you update the software. The difference is websites wont send you a notification so we monitor this for you and if something goes wrong during the update we can fix this for you.

Is this the best use of my money?

We live in a digital world and almost everyone now looks at a businesses website. Would you allow your customer facing business or shop to be untidy and messy? Of course not and you should think the same way about your website, its a reflection of you and your business.

All of our prices are for business users and therefore +IVA

Let's Work Together!

Together we can ensure your digital prescence gives your customers the experience they deserve. If they can’t trust your website then why would they trust you? After all your competitors will be looking at their best and you should too!