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When starting or reviewing the digital presence for your business you can leave everything to us to ensure your business is open and ready to serve.

New or old, let us review you business for you.

  • Do you know where you rank on Google?
  • Are your opening hours displayed correctly?
  • Is your business location correct?
  • Did you know you can post special offers on Google?
  • Are you aware customers can book appointments on Google?
  • Were you aware that you can add images of your products
  • Best of all, once registered all of this is free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we get frequently asked

Why do I need to be present on Google?

As a business, one of the most important aspects you will have is to attract new customers. Possibly the most cost effective way of doing  this is by ensuring you are present on Google and as many other search engines as possible. Being on Google is not just for big businesses. Google has billions of searches every day and if your business is not correctly listed then you could be missing out to your competitors

Is it not easier to advertise in the press?

Of course you can advertise in the press but this involves high ongoing costs. Not only this but there are many unknowns when you advertise in the press. Not least the fact that far more people search for businesses online than read a paper. Its a bit like driving your car, do you still use a road map or do you use your car navigation or even mobile phone to navigate.

Don’t I need a website to appear on Google?

No you don’t. You can advertise your business without a website and you can even let people know a contact number and e-mail address. Of course a website can help and we can build this for you from as little as 199. There is no business that is too small for a website.

Are there ongoing costs to stay on Google?

No, being on Google is free but…….setting up and ensuring you have every opportunity of being found first is critical. Without the expert knowledge that our team has you could be listed on Google but never be found. Certain search terms in Google can provide millions of results and you need to be near the top!

Are there options other than Google?

Yes of course and it may make sense to be on many more search engines or social media platforms. During our review with you we highlight which you should be on and why then we optimise the keywords or search terms that relate to your business so you can be at the top of the list when someone try’s to find what you are offering.

But I am on Facebook already, why do I need Google?

We find many people think posting on Facebook will ensure thier business is found, and to be fair it can help. However when you post, what you post and where you post are all critical factors. You should also consider your business type, would you try to find a dentist on Facebook or Google?

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