Google My Business should be at the top of every SME’s priorities.

Google My Business is probably the most cost effective marketing you can do.

90.46% Of All Web Searches Are Made On Google

That equates to 63,000 searches per second every minute of every day. You cannot allow your business to miss out on this opportunity. You have to be on Google My Business.

Google My Business Is Possibly The Best Tool A Business Can Use

Digital marketing is not just for big business. Whether your potential customers are searching for a bar to visit, a vet to use or an emergency dentist the chances are their first action will be to search on Google. Can you afford for your business not to be there?

We review with you how you currently appear in the searches and what can be done to improve your rankings.

Once a plan is agreed we impliment all of the actions and report back to you the changes that have happened.

Google 3 Pack is The Best Place Your Business Can Be. Our Aim Is to Get you There!

We worked with a local female vocalist who didn’t appear on the first 10 pages of google when searching for a wedding singer in Marbella. Within 2 days she was appearing in the 3 pack!

Imagine having your business at the top of the searches each and every day with no ongoing costs. Or…….. imagine your competitor doing this.

We advise you on the best search terms to use and how we think  we can improve the visibility of your business.

You may not realise but your customer base will be global.
Of course it is tempting to only use local press or other less complicated advertising methods. After they are so much easier arent they?

Not any longer, no matter the size of your business, anyone can advertise on the world wide web. We can show you how to do this for less than you would think.

We tailor our packages to suit your business.

We know that no two businesses are the same. That is why we we can tailor our packages to suit both you and your business.

If you are new to handling digital marketing then we can do everything for you. If however you have some understanding we can asses your business and advise you of the best way forward. One thing is certian it costs you nothing to find out!


Whatever your Small to Medium Enterprise does, be sure to speak with us.

Your Business Will Sell More

By being at the top of the Google search you will receive more visitors to your website and more online transactions.

Even if you dont have a website you should still appear in Google to let your customers know how to reach you.

Its not easy to stand out from the crowd but when you work with us we make it a reality.