SEO and Websites are a complicated business and we appreciate you will have lots of questions so here are a few of our more commonly asked questions.

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It is important that you optimise the quality of your website. After all it is how your customers will find you and often the first impression anyone has of your business. We live and breath SEO and as it is constantly changing the techniques have to be developed to stay on top. Without doubt it is time consuming so you are better to be focused on your business rather than SEO.

It can be if not done correctly. In an ideal world your business would appear at the top of the searches for your selected keywords. If your website is optimised correctly then you will have every chance of doing this. When first starting it can be useful to use paid adverts but these should not be a long term solution for small businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation. This is where your business listings including Google, Bing, Yell and so on are optimised to appear near the top of the search results therefore generating calls and enquiries into your business. 

Links are when another person or businesses website has a link to your website. If someone clicks the link from another website the are moved onto your website. Google likes websites that have links from other credible sources, it gives your own website credibility and therefore helps to rank your website higher in the searches.  Link building is not as important as it used to be but it all helps.

There is not one ideal layout for a website in this case variety is the spice of life. Your website should be user friendly, optimised for mobile use and give the searcher the information they want. The days of being able to key word stuff websites have gone and you can in fact be penalised by the likes of Google for doing this.

Your first thing should be to get our free SEO report on the health of your website. This gives you an overview of what needs to be improved to ensure your are ticking all of the technical boxes for Google.

Like most things by doing Digital Marketing you get to stay on top of the latest developments. Google make thousands of algorithm changes each year and staying on top of these whilst running your own business would be almost impossible, thats why it is important to let an SEO expert look after your website.

The easiest way to do this is to carry out a search in Google. When you search for the words you select as being key to your business being found then you will see who ranks for these. However usually there are millions of returns by Google and you really need to be aiming for page one. Our software takes the top 10 websites and selects the optimum number of keywords to use in the blog or post, many of which you would not though of using. We then modify the blog or post and optimise it rank highly.

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